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April 3, 2011

Pat Mills & Charlie Adlard – Savage: Taking Liberties (Comic)

As soon as I read about Pat Mill’s collected ‘Savage’ I had to get a copy.  This 3 part comic book is a follow on from Mill’s 70’s strip ‘Invasion’ which I still need to catch up on (Although reading it wasn’t necessary to enjoying ‘Savage’).

It follows East-End-Lorry-Driver turned Guerilla-Fighter Bill Savage as he fights the forces of occupation in an alternate Britain.  In this world’s recent history, Ken Livingstone is elected Prime-Minister of the ‘Real Labour’ party and expels all U.S. forces stationed in Britain.  Then the Fascistic Russian ‘Volgan’ state invades Europe and occupies Britain using brutal methods to suppress the people.  It’s got great scenes featuring violent protests on the streets of London (Set against familiar landmarks) and Volgan tanks rolling down Oxford Street.  I also love the very-2000AD use of made up swearing like Bill diving out of a door shouting “Have some of this, you funks! You double yellows! You funking Volg lovers!”.  It’s a bleak, violent and polarizing world so Charlie Adlard’s stark black and white artwork fits perfectly.  ‘Savage’ has more than a hint of Alan Moore’s classic ‘V For Vendetta’ which puts it in great company.

Go down to your bookstore and get a funking copy!

Here’s a 2010 interview with Mills: