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August 26, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Jens Lekman – Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo mp3

“I want the people in the country to be open and kind, but most times they met us with a narrow mind, with the big black dog to bite your behind, if they ever find out you’re not one of their kind”

Jens Lekman is a name I was familiar with and his music less so, but from the sound of this little gem, I been missing out big time. It’s like the best thing that Belle & Sebastian ever sang backed with what sounds like Acker Bilk covering the classic Bond theme ‘All Time High’. Sweetly rose-tinted lyrics describe a city dweller dreaming of living the romantic country life. The release of Jens’ new album ‘Night Falls Over Kortedala’ is imminent and it’s definitely one I’m gonna have to pick up.

Jens Lekman – Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo mp3

Click here to watch a live performance of ‘Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo’ on YouTube.

Click here to pre-order ‘Night Falls Over Kortedala’ from Amazon.

Click here to download some free mp3s from Jens’ Website.

Jens Lekman Website / Jens Lekman MySpace / Maple Leaves Fansite

August 19, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Marvin The Martian Vs Calvin Harris – Acceptable In The 80s mp3

“Before Bobby and Whitney were out gettin’ high, passin’ the Dutchie on the left hand side, Eddie Murphy couldn’t be too rude, language colourful as Rubic’s Cubes”

After loving Calvin’s first release ‘Vegas / Merry Making’, I was less keen on the follow-up singles ‘Girls’ and ‘Acceptable In The 80s’ (The rest of the country seems have gone bonkers about them anyway). So I’m trilled that the genius who is Marvin The Martian has decided to give Calvin his remix treatment. Previous Indie stars to be blessed with a Marvin rework have included GoodBooks, The Maccabees and Art Brut. It’s jam-packed with cultural references for children of the 80s like myself… ahhh it brings back memories of Opal-Fruits and Marathon bars.

Marvin The Martian Vs Calvin Harris – Acceptable In The 80s mp3

Click here to buy Calvin’s ‘I Created Disco’ album from HMV for only £8.99.

Click here to get a Marvin The Martian Zip with a mini-mix and two unreleased tracks.

Visit Marvin The Martian’s MySpace page to get a brand-new version of Jim Noir’s ‘My Patch’.

Also click here to download the original version of ‘Acceptable In The 80s’.

Marvin The Martian Website / Marvin The Martian MySpace
Marvin The Martian YouTube / Calvin Harris Website / Calvin Harris MySpace

August 12, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Beverley Knight – Black Butta mp3

“Got me excited, my fuses have blown, you got me delighted now, don’t leave me alone, you got me ignited, I’m ready to blow!”

I’ve been a cautious fan of Beverley Knight’s since I first saw her on ‘Later’ a few years ago. Jools Holland gets her in every series and no matter who is on that week, she blows them out of the water with an old Soul standard or a bit of acapella Gospel. But whenever she came to release an album I was greeted by lukewarm modern Soul, weak UK-Garage or even (On her last album) a misjudged new Rock direction. Every time she released a new record I would pray that this was gonna be the one where she finally got some material, some musicians and a great producer to do her stunning voice justice.

It seems that to reach her full potential Dusty had to go to Memphis, but Beverley had to go to Nashville. Her 5th album ‘Music City Soul’ is almost everything I could have hoped for and feels earthy, sexy and soulful. As you would expect when she performed this new material on ‘Later’ it was gobsmacking, ranking as two of the best performances I’ve ever seen on ‘Later’ or ever seen on TV for that matter. One song was the sensational ‘Ain’t That A Lot Of Love’ and the other was called ‘Black Butta’. She screeches, moans and roars like a lioness, putting every fibre of her being into the song. It’s one of the sexiest songs you’re gonna hear all year and even though phrases like “I’m sweet black butta babe, spread it all over you” sound like nonsense on paper, when they come exploding from Beverly Knight’s vocal chords, you know exactly what the girl’s talkin’ about!

Beverley Knight – Black Butta mp3

Click here to buy ‘Music City Soul’ from HMV for only £6.99.

Here are YouTube clips of those two amazing ‘Later’ performances: Black Butta / Ain’t That A Lot Of Love

Beverley Knight Website / Beverley Knight MySpace / Beverley Knight Fansite

August 6, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: GoodBooks – Hiding Away mp3

“He never quite recovered since his son brought the boyfriend home, he only ever wanted an heir to his heir, to sit on the family business throne, his daughter found a man with a turban, while travelling in India, and maybe that’s what finished him off”

Until now, GoodBooks have had many fine tunes but they’ve only had one masterpiece and that was a song called ‘Passchendaele’. It was recently re-released as a single and I found their second masterwork ‘Hiding Away’ tucked away on the B-side. It’s the sad story of a widow whose domineering husband has died and how she finds herself all alone in the world. Max Cooke’s chilly falsetto glides over minimal glacial beats while successive layers of instrumentation build in power and intensity.

GoodBooks – Hiding Away mp3

Click here to buy the ‘Passchendaele’ 7″ single from Rough Trade.

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You can still get GoodBooks free ‘Turn It Back’ single by clicking here.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Passchendaele’ on YouTube.

GoodBooks Website / GoodBooks MySpace

July 29, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul – (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind mp3

“Lookie here, there is air-pollution, much confusion, drug addiction, no convictions, Vietnam war, junkies at your door… so much trouble in my mind”

I’ve had this song on a brilliant ‘Best Of Blaxploitation’ compilation for a while but it somehow got lost amongst big classics like the ‘Theme From Shaft’, ‘Across 110th Street’, and ‘Superfly’. You’ve probably heard it before, one reason being that it was included on the soundtrack to the multi-million selling ‘GTA: San Andreas’ game. ‘(I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind’ is funkier than James Brown, more soulful than Marvin Gaye, harder hitting than Gil Scott-Heron and more psychedelic than Jimi Hendrix. This week I’ve been getting into Joe Quarterman’s self-titled 1973 album and this track kinda reached critical mass and now I can’t stop playing it.

Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul – (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind mp3

Click here to download a zip mix featuring the song from the indispensable ‘Funky16Corners’ blog.

The 2CD Blaxploitation compilation I’ve got seems to be out-of-print, but you can get a nice 3CD set (That includes ‘(I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind’) from HMV for just £7.99 by clicking here.

Click here to buy the sensational ‘Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul’ album from HMV for only £9.99.

Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul AMG Entry

July 25, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Mika – Big Girl (Bonde Do Role Remix) mp3

“No need to fantasise, since I was in my braces, a watering hole with the girls around, with curves in all the right places”

Not content with nicking Freddie Mercury’s voice and flamboyant moves, Mika’s also pilfered his song subjects. I seem to remember a little known song by Queen called ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ which bore a striking resemblance to Mika’s ‘Big Girl’. But with that “Genius steals” quote ringing in my ears, I have to admit that ‘Big Girl’ is a damn catchy song and Bonde Do Role’s remix is even better. They’ve slapped on their characteristic Drums, cranked up the Guitars and wedged in a Brazilian Rap break.

Mika – Big Girl (Bonde Do Role Remix) mp3

Click here to buy Mika’s album and click here to buy Bonde Do Role’s record.

Click here to watch Mika perform ‘Big Girl’ at Glastonbury.

Mika Website / Mika MySpace / Bonde Do Role MySpace

July 15, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Barry Bliss – All I Really Want mp3

“All I really want is to beat your fuckin’ ass, to be thrown in jail and rolled in broken glass, to be offered a kingdom by a crazy man and say I pass, to be beaten to death by British bobbies in mass”

One day this week I had my mp3-player on random as I was walking home, when this song came on. I don’t remember when I put it on my i-River, but when it started playing I was struck like a bolt of lightening… who is this? what is this song? and why has it taken me so long to get round to playing the damned thing!

‘All I Really Want’ is bitter, belligerent and angry but so very, very funny. It had me imagining a drunken performance at a late night cowboy bar, by a singer who’s past caring what the audience think and decides to burn all his bridges with the management by singing a song with a chorus that goes “All I really want is to beat your fuckin’ ass!”.

Click here to buy the Rough Trade ‘Antifolk’ CD that the track comes from. The CD features many other brilliant left-field songwriters like Adam Green, Turner Cody, Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson.

Barry Bliss – All I Really Want mp3

Visit Barry’s MySpace page to download two more mp3s.

Barry Bliss MySpace

July 2, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: The White Stripes – Rag & Bone mp3

“Looking for Technics turntables, to gramophones, so take a last lick of your ice cream cone, and lock up what you still want to own”

‘Rag & Bone’ is blessed with a Guitar riff so dirty, so deep and so goddamn sexy that it had me in fits of convolutions and will probably do irreparable pelvic damage to anyone who hears it.  The lyric had me imagining Jack & Meg rattling through town like a pair of banshees atop a rickety old red and white horse-cart cackling about their second hand trophies.  It’s clearly the best track on the new album and one of the best things they’ve ever done.

The White Stripes – Rag & Bone mp3

Click here to buy the new album from HMV for only £8.99 (But of course you were planning to buy it already… unless you’re clinically insane).

The White Stripes Website / The White Stripes MySpace / Triple Tremelo Fansite

June 25, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Hot Club De Paris – You Can Call Me Al mp3

“I need a photo-opportunity, I want a shot at redemption, don’t want to end up a cartoon, in a cartoon graveyard”

As much as I adore the Paul Simon classic ‘You Can Call Me Al’, I realise I’ve never really listened to the lyrics. Now thanks to this spirited cover by Hot Club De Paris I have, and they are bloody good. It’s testament to Hot Club De Paris that they can take a perfect Pop-Production like ‘You Can Call Me Al’ and remake it in an Indie-Punk-Funk style and still retain all the magic. This beats The Futureheads’ cover of Kate Bush any day.

Hot Club De Paris – You Can Call Me Al mp3

Click here to buy Paul Simon’s absolutely stunning new album ‘Surprise’ from HMV for only £9.99.

Click here to watch the brilliant video for Paul Simon’s ‘You Can Call Me Al’ featuring Chevy Chase (Helping to make a sly dig at Art Garfunkel) on YouTube.

Click here to buy Hot Club De Paris’ fantastically titled ‘Drop It Till It Pops’ album from HMV for only £7.99.

Hot Club De Paris Website / Hot Club De Paris MySpace
Paul Simon Website / Paul Simon MySpace

June 18, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Huey Lewis & The News – The Power Of Love mp3

“It don’t take money, don’t take fame, don’t need no credit card to ride this train, it’s strong and it’s sudden, it can be cruel sometimes, but it might just save your life”

‘The Power Of Love’ was one of two songs that Huey Lewis recorded for the Robert Zemeckis blockbuster ‘Back To The Future’.  It was the soundtrack to every 80s kid’s dream to skateboard like Michael J. Fox.  I can’t quite remember what motivated me to dig it out this week, but I’m glad I did.  Huey sucks in influences from every great showman like James Brown, Bruce Springsteen and Prince, wraps them up in a deliciously over-driven production and spits out a song that drips with Soul, Funk and Rock ‘n’ Roll energy.

Huey Lewis & The News – The Power Of Love mp3

Click here to buy the ‘Greatest Hits’ from HMV which includes all the classics like ‘The Power Of Love’ and ‘Hip To Be Square’.

As an extra bonus this week, here’s the companion track from the same soundtrack:

Huey Lewis & The News – Back In Time mp3

Click here to watch the infamous Huey Lewis scene from ‘American Psycho’ on YouTube.

Huey Lewis & The News Website / Huey Lewis & The News MySpace