JEFF FINLIN – American Dream #109 (7″ Single)

American Dream 109 CoverKorova KOW1011V: 4th September 2006
1. American Dream #109
“We’re on our knees every Sunday, ’cause the Football game is comin’ through”
2. Hallelu
“Found my freedom in a cross that lay burnin’, found my home in a homeless man, found my voice in a bell I heard a-ringin’, ringin’ in waves out across this land”

‘American Dream #109’ is at once seductive with its distinctive Organ, bouncy Drums and the croaky vocals of an older Kings Of Leon. It’s seductive just like the ‘American Dream’ itself, but after a couple of listens, you notice that the lines that seemed attractive like “Steaks on the grill” are followed by lines like “We ain’t leavin’ till we’re heavin'”. The lyrics lay out all the elements of the western idea of freedom and depending on the listener’s point of view, he’s either condemning or celebrating them. It’s rare to encounter a lyricist of such subtlety.

‘Hallelu’ is a melancholy Piano song that brings to mind Ryan Adams at his best or Jobriath when he rained in his natural flamboyance. The sound of the Piano lets me imagine Jeff sitting in a smoky Honky-Tonk bar at closing time (I’ve never been to a Honky-Tonk bar, but hell I’ve seen the movies!).

Sugar Blue mp3
Delta Down mp3

Jeff Finlin Website / Jeff Finlin MySpace Page

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