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June 18, 2007

MP3 OF THE WEEK: Huey Lewis & The News – The Power Of Love mp3

“It don’t take money, don’t take fame, don’t need no credit card to ride this train, it’s strong and it’s sudden, it can be cruel sometimes, but it might just save your life”

‘The Power Of Love’ was one of two songs that Huey Lewis recorded for the Robert Zemeckis blockbuster ‘Back To The Future’.  It was the soundtrack to every 80s kid’s dream to skateboard like Michael J. Fox.  I can’t quite remember what motivated me to dig it out this week, but I’m glad I did.  Huey sucks in influences from every great showman like James Brown, Bruce Springsteen and Prince, wraps them up in a deliciously over-driven production and spits out a song that drips with Soul, Funk and Rock ‘n’ Roll energy.

Huey Lewis & The News – The Power Of Love mp3

Click here to buy the ‘Greatest Hits’ from HMV which includes all the classics like ‘The Power Of Love’ and ‘Hip To Be Square’.

As an extra bonus this week, here’s the companion track from the same soundtrack:

Huey Lewis & The News – Back In Time mp3

Click here to watch the infamous Huey Lewis scene from ‘American Psycho’ on YouTube.

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