KORMAC – Scratch Marchin’ (12″ EP)

Scribble SCRIBBLE001: 26th March 2007
1. Scratch Marchin’
2. Harry’s Record Machine
3. Rainstorm
4. Mr Soft
5. How It Is

‘Scratch Marchin’ is such a fun EP because Kormac has seamlessly blended samples from the very beginning of recorded music with modern Hip-Hop sounds. He’s also thrown in some ear-catching vocal cut-ups including Kermit The Frog on the title track.

‘Scratch Marchin’ sounds like the Cantina band from Star Wars after Ben’s lent them a set of turntables and told them to just use the force and see what happens. ‘Harry’s Record Machine’ mixes old and new Drums to create something Keith Moon would’ve been proud of. ‘Rainstorm’ conjours up an atmospheric collaboration between Billie Holiday and Donna Summer. ‘Mr Soft’ is like what would have happened if James Brown had been around in the 30s. ‘How It Is’ rounds the EP off with a croaky old guy rambling about “God and the Devil” over some big Bass beats.

‘Scratch Marchin” is still available from Piccadilly records.

Kormac MySpace

2 Comments to “KORMAC – Scratch Marchin’ (12″ EP)”

  1. Cracking EP, will be in the bag for a long time to come.
    Reminds me a little of a cross between Mr Scruff & Billie Holiday.
    Looking forward to the next one from Scribble.


  2. Re: DJ Patrice. Seriously I’ve got to check out some Mr Scruff. There are so many records I buy that come with blurbs about “Fans include Mr Scruff and etc etc”.

    Infact I’m off for a listen now.


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